Additional measures for clinical impact of implementing the

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pandora bracelets The Wells clinical decision rule combines seven items into a score ranging from 0 to 12.5. Based on many studies in secondary care, a threshold of 5 Below these levels patients are classified, respectively, as being at very low risk or low risk of having pulmonary embolism. A large diagnostic management study in secondary care concluded that a negative laboratory based quantitative D dimer (degradation product of fibrin) test result in patients with a Wells score of 4 safely excluded pulmonary embolism without the need for additional investigations by imaging.6Such a diagnostic strategy seems ideal in primary care to facilitate decisions on referral to secondary care, in particular since easy to use point of care D dimer tests providing results within minutes are available for use at the doctor’s practice or in the patient’s home.7 Before such a diagnostic strategy can be implemented pandora charms, however, it needs to be validated in the proper setting of primary care.8 9 Owing to differences in the spectrum of disease, symptoms, and doctors’ experience, encouraging results from referral centres may not be readily applicable in primary care.10 11We carried out a formal external validation of the Wells pulmonary embolism rule combined with a point of care qualitative D Dimer test to evaluate the safety and efficiency of using this clinical decision rule in primary care.MethodsThe Amsterdam Maastricht Utrecht Study on thrombo Embolism (AMUSE 2) was a prospective cohort study in primary care, evaluating a diagnostic strategy consisting of the Wells pulmonary embolism rule (table 1) and a point of care D dimer test (Clearview Simplify; Inverness Medical, Bedford, UK). pandora bracelets

pandora jewelry We reviewed the radiology reports and census lists to determine if cervical spine imaging had been done.Additional measures for clinical impact of implementing the Canadian C Spine Rule included the number of clinically important cervical spine injuries (defined as any fracture, dislocation, or ligamentous instability requiring internal fixation or treatment with a halo, brace, or rigid collar)22 not identified during the initial emergency department visit, and the number of serious adverse outcomes, such as development of a neurological deficit after the initial emergency department visit. A surveillance strategy was implemented to identify missed fractures or serious adverse outcomes. We monitored the logs of patients’ visits to the emergency department for 30 days to identify return visits by patients who had not undergone imaging during their initial visit pandora jewelry.

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