Nervous, Sharlene set it up so that her friend Jen would send

Going into the fifth inning, the score was all tied up and the mom’s on the sideline were nearly apoplectic (my nine year old dubbed them the Desperate Coaches’ Wives). In a moment of supreme confidence, my fellow coach goaded the RN into playing a final tie breaking inning. The gamble was a big one.

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When we returned to the locker room, nothing happened. I’m curious why Steve said I confronted him again there. I am 100 percent sure that didn’t happen.”. I feel so calm and focused, in fact, I could go to sleep right now if I wanted to. But that just it: I don want to. Instead, I want to stay up and write and pay some bills and then maybe go for a jog..

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When asked if the pink ball had shown similar signs of wear and tear to the traditional red Kookaburra ball, 94% of players said it had not. Approximately 89% said the pink balls had not shown similar characteristics such as swing and seam movement as a red Kookaburra. Only 25% of players said they believed the pink balls provided a fair contest between bat and ball.

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