Prosecutors say that whileanother occupant of the home

Opening the second day of the murder trial of Treveno Campbell pandora rings,detective Louis Mobley testified that he wielded a shotgun and accompanied a shield carrying officer who led the forced entry into a home at 1062 Mendenhall Cove, where visibility in a cramped hallway was limited. He saidhe was securing a suspect in a room when he heard shots fired and saw Lang, a 32 year old mother of four, fall in the hallway.Campbell, 25, is charged with first degree murder in Lang’s death, as well as five counts of attempted first degree murder, six counts of employing a firearm during a felony and two drug counts.The shootings occurred as officers executed a “no knock” search warrant meaning they weren’t required to give occupants a reasonable amount of time to respond or come to the door in search of drugs, weapons and gang activity. They discovered1 pound, 9 ounces of marijuana, a handgun, $4,865 in cash and 14 ounces of promethazine with codeine in the raid.Prosecutors say that whileanother occupant of the home surrendered, Campbell opened fire, shooting 11 rounds and striking Lang and Officer William Vrooman.

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