The music, which reminds me of the Takamba rhythms I heard

Bitch in Sheep’s Clothing: Julie. British Brevity: The first season consists of eight episodes. According to Word of God, the forthcoming second and third seasons will contain thirteen episodes each. Opposite Sex Clone: Sort of, Keith and Physis are the male and female variations of the same genetic experiment. Out of Clothes Experience: Jomy, during the maturity check. Parental Abandonment: Happens all the time in this future. The critics greeted the first album of Songhoy Blues, Music in Exile (February 2015) with rave reviews a music inspired by forced dislocation. The music, which reminds me of the Takamba rhythms I heard forty years ago in dusty compounds near the Niger Mali border, is mesmerizing. The lyrics of the Songhoy Blues tunes reflect the wisdom of the Songhay people, especially when the musicians sing of patience (soubour) and courage (faba).

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