They know that girls are girls cheap moncler sale and boys are

free school tackles stereotypes

At Egalia the teachers refer to their cheap moncler jackets students as “friends” rather than “boys and girls.” Similarly, visitors are labeled by the genderless Swedish term “hen” rather than “han” or “hon” (the pronouns for him and her). That way, they explain, “the children can imagine both a man or a woman. This widens their view.”

The attempts to shed gender based assumptions and stereotypes don’t stop there. There are no fairytales on the bookshelves instead, the kids, aged 1 moncler outlet online to 6, hear stories about homosexual couples, single parents or adopted children. Building blocks are strategically placed next to the play kitchen in order to “draw no mental barriers between cooking and construction.”

The point, educators say, is to break down the gender divisions that tend to give males an advantage.

“Society expects girls to be girlie, nice and pretty and boys to be manly, rough and outgoing,” notes one teacher. “Egalia gives them a fantastic opportunity to be whoever they want to be.”

The school’s director Lotta Rajalin adds that they’re not trying to deny the biological differences between the genders, only to show moncler outlet store that those best moncler jackets differences mean boys and girls have different interests and abilities. This is about democracy. About human equality. a woman and a mom to two girls, obviously I’m not moncler usa about to knock any efforts toward gender equality. But there a very big difference between equality and gender neutrality. I don want to try to erase the fact moncler sale online that my girls are girls. I want them to be proud of their gender, whatever paths they end up taking in life. Sometimes I feel like the best thing for our kids would be for us grown ups to stop overthinking everything and just let them be kids.

What do you think about Egalia and the idea of a gender free school? Would you send your kids there?

That was hilarious on Sat. Night Live. Hilarious and then behind that it was sort of sad. I feel like we just talking about extremes here what happened to the middle road? Isn it a little extreme to deny/hide the gender of your child? Just as it is extreme discount moncler jackets to dress your girl only in pink and your boy only in blue and force them to act as their gender dictates? I let my girl play with trucks and my boy dress in cheap moncler jackets womens princess dresses. For moncler outlet sale me, taking the middle road and letting your kids express themselves as who they are is enough.

I would not send my kids to a school like that. I am all for manly men and feminine women. I have a 5 yo daughter and 2.5 yo son, plus one on the way. I think they get a pretty good idea of gender neutrality at home. They stay home with their dad on our farm and during the day they all do farm things like planting, gardening, building things, working on tractors, feeding animals, and playing in the dirt while Mom works full time as a civil engineer. When I get home, I help moncler uk outlet with more farm stuff, plus I draw up all the building plans (house, garage, barn), put together the material lists, do most of the math calculations, and then help with the construction. Dad does the house cleaning and picking up heavy things, I do the cooking and baking. Dad teaches the ABCs, writing, counting, etc. The kids participate equally in everything (according to their age related abilities). They know that girls are girls cheap moncler sale and boys are boys and that work is work regardless of your gender. My daughter loves dressing up like a princess and swaddling her babies, but don cross her path when she has a nerf sword in her hands or be prepared to defend your self. My son is all rough and tumble boy, he also kisses baby dolls and brings me imaginary cookies. It seems to be working out just fine without engaging in a contrived social experiment.

My daughter preschool teachers called the students (as in morning my friends I thought it was sweet.

I kind of neutral (teehee) about a school like this. I don see it hurting anyone, but I don see it being super awesome either. I think if parents want to send their kids moncler sale there, great for them. But I think the focus should be on WHO children are as individuals, not WHAT they are in terms of gender.

I cheap moncler coats mens be much more inclinded to send my children to a school that focused on accepting both genders without putting limits on them (like boys can play like it cheap moncler house or something) than pretending neither gender exists.

Refusing to call children what they are, moncler outlet woodbury boys and girls, is ridiculous. Do they call their parents and or do they insist on just saying Sounds like instead of saying him or her they say Ugh. Would you call cats and dogs instead of what they are? This is extreme, as I suspect they mean for it to be, and extremism is moncler outlet usually way out of line of reasonability. There nothing wrong with calling a boy a boy and a girl a girl, or letting them know that some people are girls and some are boys. And moncler sale outlet there something contrived moncler outlet prices and suspicious about NOT letting them be called boys or girls. Yeah, yeah, we all for children being allowed to play with what they want dolls or uk moncler sale trucks or seeking the career they want, but please be humane, realistic and sensible!

Interesting comments uk moncler outlet on this one!

Beth, I think you make a great point. Of course I don want my 5 year old daughter to be forced to cheap moncler jackets mens play kitchen and pretend iron the boys pants all day, but when she decides to throw on a princess dress and stage a little fashion show, I sit front row and cheer her on. Why wouldn I?

I try to just give her a wide range of choices and let her gravitate towards what she likes. Some days it Barbies and some days it trains; some days she wants to paint her fingernails and other days she wants to moncler online store dig them into the dirt in the front yard. It all fine by me.

I would never send my kid (a boy, but if it was a girl, it would be the same) to some school like that:

a) I believe kids have the right to be kids and not endure stories about grown up stuff like homosexuality or divorce. Long live the fairytale.

b) I also believe that kids have the right to play with whatever they like, independently of gender, and I can see how any other school prevents them from that I mean, does any school take away dolls from boys or trucks from girls? I doubt.

c) I think that schools is there for knowledge and familly is for behaviour. Sure, there is lots of overlaps but somehow I believe values should be the parent role to teach, rather than school, and I would not like a school to have such an moncler womens jackets absolute stance concerning values.

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